Workplace Campaign

Help us create a world where everybody has an opportunity to succeed.

Dozens of companies across Portage County have chosen to invest in United Way's community impact because we understand that corporate philanthropy is a key driver in achieving business continuity, productivity and profitability. United Way serves as a trusted corporate social responsibility extension to your organizations, enabling you to address the increasing expectations of your internal and external stakeholders, positively impact the community and achieve success business outcomes. Every dollar donated will make a lasting local impact. 

On this page, you will find all the tools, materials and resources you need to run a successful workplace campaign!





United Way workplace giving campaigns bring your employees together to tackle our community’s most pressing challenges. No matter your size or industry, you can run a successful campaign — one that benefits your organization as much as the causes you care about most. 

Benefits of starting a campaign with United Way of Portage County:

  • Realize your organization’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. 

  • Gain access to unique volunteer opportunities that benefit our entire region.

  • Provide rewarding team building while raising funds for critical areas of need. 

  • Learn firsthand about our region’s most urgent needs — and how you can help.

United Way staff will assist you with building a tailored campaign that fits your company’s unique culture. We work with your team every step of the way – providing resources, tools and extra hands to keep the energy high. Employee giving campaigns are known to boost morale and provide a fun and rewarding experience.  

United Way workplace campaigns are:


Good for your employees.
Workplace campaigns are a fun and convenient way for employees to have a significant impact on their community. Many companies use workplace campaigns as an employee appreciation tool, as well.  
Good for your company.
Partnering with United Way of Portage County is a clear statement that your organization is committed to helping everyone in our community and reinforces your reputation as a good corporate citizen. 
Good for your community.
By raising money that stays here in Greater Richmond and Petersburg, you’re improving the lives of people right in your backyard and addressing a variety of challenges through one strategic partnership. 
Ready to get started planning your United Way campaign? Use our campaign introduction page as a guide for moving forward. This page includes 3 steps for getting started and information on connecting with United Way for additional support.
If you have questions or would like to connect with a member of our campaign team, please contact: