Make Reading Fun!


United Way of Portage County is proud  to partner with Kent State University in providing  1,020 Literacy Kits to Portage County Kindergarteners.  The literacy kit which is based on the book “The Pout Pout Fishincludes a children’s storybook paired with a hands-on activity created to improve early grade reading, encourage the love of reading and generate long term school success.  This is the Third consecutive year United Way has provided literacy kits to Portage County Kindergarten students with the goal of stimulating interest in reading and improve early grade reading outcomes. 

United Way of Portage County offers warm thanks to Barb Boltz, Project Director of Student Affairs at Kent State, and all the Kent State University staff and student volunteers who have been donating their time during the spring of 2020 putting the Literacy Kits together.  


The Literacy Kit program encourages early grade reading by making the experience fun.  United Way has secured support from the Giving Well Family Foundation to make these literacy kits available to Kindergarten students that are currently engaged with the Reading Role Models program.






The Book

Character Template #1

Character Template #2

Literacy Kit Instructions