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Grant Review Volunteers

Volunteer to Create an Impact in Portage County

United Way of Portage County invests funds into valuable community programs through the dollars raised during the annual campaign.  This allocation of grants is performed with volunteer panels who review grant applications, complete site visits and make recommendations for funding.  These key Grant Review Volunteers engage in a multi-year selection and review process that match community needs, evidence based best practices and program interventions to ensure the best outcomes for residents in our community. This committee selects the most effective programs monitors their long term outcomes.  

For more information on the Community Impact Grant Review Committees, please call 330.297.1424.


Grant Review Volunteer Application


All United Way of Portage County Grant Review Volunteers and Co-chairs must complete this online application. This application includes basic contact information and a conflict of interest disclosure. Online applications must be submitted prior to February 1st 2018. Grant Review Volunteers will be assigned to a review panel based on their meeting availability and their conflict of interest disclosure. Assignments will be made at the discretion of United Way Board of Trustees and Staff.

Personal Contact Info

Work Contact Info

Conflict of Interest

The United Way of Portage County endeavors to maintain fund distribution procedures which are fair, responsible, and free of personal bias or prejudice and which reflect the stewardship role that contributors have bestowed upon our organization.
Individuals serving in the capacity of Grant Review Volunteers enter a special relationship with both United Way and the programs currently funded by United Way. The quality of this relationship requires protection against possible conflict of interest or the appearance of conflict of interest.
Individuals or their family members who are employed by, having a contract with, or serving on the board of agencies or programs which receive United Way support will be disqualified from serving on the panel which reviews the program with which they are or have been affiliated. Thank you for your understanding in this sensitive area.

Meeting Availibility

Confirmation and Agreement